Current work status: Available!

Justin, Rae, and E in Le Grand Bornand in Fall 2011

In November 1981, two nice people cuddled. Nine months later, I happened. I’m husband to Rachael and father to two incredible boys. We live in Texas, but travel when and wherever we can.

Filmmaking is my hobby. With my buddy Kenny, I make short narrative and documentary films. With my family, I make silly videos. I chaired a film festival in 2014 and 2015. I could bore you to tears talking about how masterful Ratatouille is.

I’m a freelance web developer with a designer’s eye and a humanitarian heart. My ideal client? People who do gritty, revealing work that protects the vulnerable and challenges dictators. The Intercept meets International Rescue Committee. I love to travel and work on intense short-term projects with devoted people, especially people from backgrounds—and with talents—wildy different than mine. I love geeks. The more you love something I’ve never heard of, the more I want to sit by you at dinner.

A recent project: Zeynep Tufekci’s “Twitter and Tear Gas” book site.

From 2015–2017, I worked on DocumentCloud as part of a small distributed development team supporting newsrooms like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and ProPublica.

From 2008–2015, I freelanced on mostly enterprisey web apps. From 2005–2008, I worked for two different web development shops. From 2001–2005, I freelanced while getting my BA in English/Journalism from the University of Texas at Tyler. From 1999–2001, I published a magazine and directory for the world’s largest flea market. From 1997–1999, I odd-jobbed while getting my AA in Business Administration from Tyler Junior College. From 1994–1995 I acted in a TV show.

Want to get in touch? You can email me or find me on Twitter, GitHub, and occasionally Instagram.

We’d probably like each other.

– Justin