Justin Reese
Work status: Busy, but click on through anyway.

Justin, Ash, Rae, and E in Royal Gorge in 2023

In November 1981, two nice people cuddled. Nine months later, I happened. I’m husband to Rachael and father to two silly boys and one very sheddy golden-collie mix. We live in Texas.

I’m a freelance web developer with a designer’s eye and a humanitarian heart. (You should probably hire me.) I love to travel and work on intense projects with devoted people, especially people from backgrounds—and with talents—wildy different than mine. I love geeks. The more you love something I’ve never heard of, the more I want to sit by you at dinner.

In 2021, I started a Master of Global Policy Studies program at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, studying refugee and asylum policy. I lasted one year before taking an indefinite leave of absence.

I used to make short narrative and documentary films with a talented group of friends, most often as writer or producer. I also chaired a film festival from 2014–2015.

Since 2017, I’ve been working on projects in the civic, journalistic, and humanitarian tech spaces with clients like Duke Reporters’ Lab, Bad Idea Factory, MIT Media Lab, Wikimedia Foundation, Hyperobjekt, Open Tech Strategies, Hearken, Harmony Labs, CQ Roll Call, and Zeynep Tufekci.

From 2015–2017, I worked on DocumentCloud, supporting newsrooms like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and ProPublica.

From 2008–2015, I freelanced on mostly enterprisey web apps. From 2005–2008, I worked for a couple of web development shops. From 2001–2005, I freelanced while earning my BA in English Literature with a minor in Journalism from the University of Texas at Tyler. From 1999–2001, I published a magazine and directory for the world’s largest flea market. From 1997–1999, I earned my AA in Business Administration from Tyler Junior College. From 1994–1995 I acted in a TV show.

Want to get in touch? Please email me or find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, or Mastodon.

We’d probably like each other.

– Justin